Relationship and Interpersonal Problems

Relationships can be one of the most important aspects of a person’s life, be they with family, friends or colleagues. Problems in relationships can be very distressing, and repeated negative patterns within relationships can lead to feelings of frustration, hopelessness, loneliness and isolation. I offer Psychological therapies for relationship and interpersonal problems in my clinic in Godalming near Guildford (Surrey) around 40 minutes from London.  I also provide therapy over the telephone or on Skype, if appropriate..

Factors contributing to relationship difficulties are often multi-faceted and complex. External pressures, such as major life events (the birth of a new baby, say, or moving house), work stress and financial pressures can have a significant impact on the quality of relationships. However, more entrenched, unhelpful interpersonal dynamics (including being overly dependant on others or being fearful of intimacy) can often sabotage relationships – sometimes without us even realising it.

Often patterns of relating to others stem from the relationships we have when we are growing up, and are therefore not our fault. But developing insight and – where possible – making changes is likely to benefit us in the long run. Psychological therapy can help people gain an understanding of unhelpful patterns of communication and behaviour and find alternative ways of managing relationships, with the intention of making them more fulfilling.

Schema-focused therapy may be the most helpful therapeutic approaches for those who want to explore their relationship dynamics in more detail. Although I sometimes offer sessions with partners, if you are seeking structured couples therapy then I would recommend you contact RELATE.

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