What We Can Help With

We work with a wide range of mental health difficulties, physical health issues as well as supporting people through times of stress in their life and difficult life transitions. We also work with people who want to develop a better understanding of themselves and be as psychologically healthy as possible.

Mental Health

All the Psychologists working at The Psychology Company have many years’ experience working with clients with a wide range of mental health difficulties. We have all worked in NHS mental health teams, secure hospitals and/or private practice helping clients work towards their goals and build a meaningful life. Problems that we can help with include Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, OCD, PTSD, Complex Trauma, Eating Disorders and Personality Disorder. We understand that the diagnosis of Personality Disorder is controversial and doesn’t always feel helpful for people but are using it in here to let people know we work with the cluster of difficulties that make up various Personality Disorder diagnoses. Several of us have extensive experience of working in specialist NHS services for people with a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder which is also referred to as Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder. If you want a comprehensive overview of the most common mental health diagnosis please visit the MIND website.

Whilst a mental health diagnosis (such as depression) can help create a shared language, as Psychologists we are interested in understanding a person’s unique set of difficulties and this may not always even fall within a diagnosis for example low self-worth/self-esteem, being very demanding and/or self-critical, feelings of failure, defectiveness and shame and problems with anger.

Sometimes when people are challenged by mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety it can feel like they are simply surviving and doing what we can to get by (and sometimes even that feels hard) but psychological therapy can help people get back (or develop for the first time) the version of themselves they want to be so they have the potential to thrive not simply survive.

Physical Health

Several of the Psychologists working at The Psychology Company have experience in the physical health field including working in NHS pain management and weight clinics as well as Oncology services. The Psychologists specialising in this area work with a range of physical health needs including helping people manage chronic pain, adjust to a physical health diagnosis and manage their weight.

Difficult Life Events and Transitions

The American Psychiatrist, therapist and writer Mark Epstein wrote a book in 2014 entitled ‘The Trauma of Everyday Living’ which touches on the very difficult experiences, stressors and trauma that can come to us all as we navigate through life. Having therapeutic support during times of high stress can help us work through the everyday ‘traumas’ rather than getting stuck in them.

Examples of common life stressors and difficult life transitions include sitting exams, leaving home, starting university, relationship break ups and divorce, marital affairs, work stress, unclear sense of direction and purpose, financial stress, moving house/location, becoming a parent, ill health (in ourselves or family members), juggling too many demands, bereavement and life stage transitions (e.g. maturing into young adulthood, middle age or old age). We can’t have a life without struggle and stress but we can build courage, bravery, strength, wisdom and skills to endure it and lighten it as best we can.

Therapy for Self-Development

People often assume that psychological therapy is helpful for when things have got to a kind of crisis point, when you have reached that pivotal moment of realising that things need to change. Whilst this is true and we do work with many people who are feeling really stuck or overwhelmed by their problems we also work with people who want to make pre-emptive changes or simply be the most psychologically healthy they can be.

People go the gym to maintain optimum physical health not just when they are physically unfit and psychological therapy can work much the same way for the mind. Understanding more about what it means to be human, how our mind works, how our emotions influence us, the relationship between our mind and body and what drives our behaviour and reactions as well as what we can do to help ourselves have the healthiest mind possible can be invaluable in helping us thrive in life, work and relationships.

We also work with Psychologists/therapists in training and those qualified to support them in the process of strengthening their self-awareness.

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